Jobeshill Kimi

FTW Quarnford Grouse of Rufriver X Jobeshill Waikiki Wedding


DOB: 01.07.2014


Health tests:

  • Hips: A1/A1
  • Elbows: 0/0
  • Eyes clear in July 2017
  • PRA - clear
  • CNM - clear
  • EIC - clear
  • SD2 - clear
  • HNPK - clear
  • Complete dentition, correct scissor bite
  • Show critique: very good

Work: WT, JP/R, BLP, APD-F, div. WT's, Mocktrial (Novice)


Kimi is a calm dog with a very kind temperament. He has been extremely confident in all that he has been asked to do, has been very quick to learn and easy to train. When working on game he shows excellent hunting ability and is very stylish to watch. Kimi ist fast, but biddable and wants to please. He has a very friendly outlook to life and gets on well with other dogs. Kimi has a very well balanced conformation with good pigmentation making him a very good looking good.


Standing at stud for approved health tested bitches, proven sire.

Litters sired by Kimi, see more


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